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Apply to Work at App Camp as a Mentor

Apply to be a Mentor

Dear Parents,

Professor Vicki Allan in the Department of Computer Science and Jody Clarke-Midura and David Feldon, in the Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences at Utah State University are conducting a research study to find out more about the role of single gender vs co-ed camps and mentors for promoting interest in computer science.  Your child is being asked to take part in this research because they are a high school student who has expressed interest in mentoring for our App Summer Camp. There will be approximately 18 participants in this research.

Funding for this project is from the National Science Foundation.

If you agree to allow your child to participate in this research study, they will be asked to do the following:

(a)        Fill out a short survey that identifies their interest in computer science prior to their App

training. We anticipate this taking between 5 and 10 minutes.

(b)        At the end of their training, they will be asked to fill out some surveys about their interest in and knowledge of computer programming. We anticipate this taking between 5 and 10 minutes.

(c)        They will mentor middle school students on App Inventor. The camps will be videotaped for research purposes. At the end of each camp, we will ask them to fill out the same surveys to see if there is any change. We anticipate this taking between 5 and 10 minutes.

(d)     They will be asked to fill out the same survey 3 more times: June 2017, June 2018, and June 2019. We anticipate that it will take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete the survey.

Your child’s participation may help us to develop curricula and programs that increase participation in computer science by underrepresented populations. Again, participation in research is entirely voluntary. Your child can still be a mentor and not participate in our research. If you withdraw your child, or if your child withdraws from the study before it ends, we will still use the data we’ve already collected unless you ask us in writing to destroy the collected data.

Through this form, Dr. Clarke-Midura has explained this research study to you and answered your questions. If you have other questions or research-related problems, you may reach (PI) Jody Clarke-Midura at (435) 797-0571.

Research records will be kept confidential, consistent with federal and state regulations. Only the investigators will have access to the data, which will be kept in a locked file cabinet or on a password protected computer in a locked room.  To protect your privacy, personal, identifiable information will be removed from study documents and replaced with a study identifier.  Identifying information will be stored separately from data and will be kept for up to six years after which it will be destroyed. There is a small risk of loss of confidentiality in the survey data, but we will take steps to reduce this risk.

The Institutional Review Board for the protection of human participants at Utah State University has approved this research study.   If you have any questions or concerns about your rights or a research-related injury and would like to contact someone other than the research team, you may contact the IRB Director at (435) 797-0567 or email to obtain information or to offer input. 

Please print a copy of this agreement for your files.

 “I certify that the research study has been explained to the individual, by me or my research staff, and that the individual understands the nature and purpose, the possible risks and benefits associated with taking part in this research study. Any questions that have been raised have been answered.”

Medical Release Permission

I give permission for my child to participate in App Camp activities. In case of an emergency, I understand that App Camp program leaders will make every effort to contact me. In the event that I cannot be reached, I hereby authorize App Camp to secure proper medical attention, including hospitalization, and ambulance transportation, if needed. I understand that App Camp is not liable for any medical expenses that may be incurred, and that I am responsible for these costs in entirety.

I understand that Utah State University will not administer medication to my child. It is my child’s responsibility to take medication that may be prescribed to her/him. I also understand and will communicate to my child her/his responsibility to carry any medication needed.

Internet Use Policy and Permission Form

Participants of App Camp will utilize the internet as a tool for learning and growth.

Emailing may be permitted at designated times and monitored closely by staff and volunteers as part of programming.

App Camp may block certain websites from campers’ use.

Campers are not permitted to visit websites or send electronic mail that contains ethnic slurs, racial epithets, or anything that may be construed as harassment or belittling of others based on their sex, race, national origin, age, disability, or religion.

App Camp reserves the right to determine when a girl is sending excessive or improper electronic mail. Transmission of any material in violation of any national or state regulation is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: copyrighted materials, threatening or obscene materials or material protected by trade secret.

By signing below, I understand the internet policies listed above and agree to support my child to abide by them at App Camp.

App Camp Participant Agreement

I give my permission to participate in the AspireIT Program, App Camp, of my own free will. I want to participate. I am ready to learn. I promise to be present in all workshops and activities, both physically and intellectually. I will ask questions when I have them.

I will be respectful of myself and my peers. I will respect the space and equipment provided to me through the program. I will follow directions and rules shared with me by Program Leaders.

I will remain on site or with my program participant cohort during program hours. I will communicate when I have to miss a session at least a day in advance. I will have fun!

You will receive an email if we have room for you to join us an AppCamp mentor.